Musical Translations

Globalize Your Sales

To buy a product in a foreign country the client has to understand well how it should be  operated.
Make your product comprehensible in the whole world.

We are exclusive translaters

After working with all kinds of studio equipment and manuals in different languages, we noticed that the typical companies who translate manuals or computer programs, obviously don´t work in professional recording studios, and are not familiar with professional studio procedures.

We have been working as musicians or musical related professionals in many productions in the USA, Germany, Spain, Australia, Italy among other countries.

We have been demonstrating equipment, and thereby explaining it in different languages, on NAMM shows, Frankfurter Musikmessen, and other music fairs.

Thus led to translating ads and commercials, manuals and so on.

Our translation credits include:

Sennheiser, Neumann, HK Audio, Hughes&Kettner, Ibanez, Tama, Ufip, Maxima, Koenig&Meyer, Klotz, Meyersound, Universal Music, Guitarraviva…

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