License Your Music

Wouldn´t you like to earn money licensing your music to TV and Movies?

You have a catalog of music and don´t use it commercially?

You think your music is great but you don´t know how to promote it?

You could make money licensing your music to TV, ads, video or movies and at the same time promote yourself and your music.

Global TV revenues have gone from $11 Billion to $ 265 Billion between 2017 and 2018!
This is a fast growing market and they need a lot of music in all styles, not just mainstream Pop!

If you want to know if your music has a place in this market just switch on your TV, zap through the channels and listen what kind of music is used in the programs and the ads.

You will be surprised about the variety of styles.

Every song you hear has been licensed by someone. Somebody has payed for the use and somebody is making money from giving them the right to use it.

Why not your music?

If you are interested in the possibilities of licensing your music